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Hens breeding farm
The company boasts a modernized hens breeding farm which can raise 220,000 hens, and has introduced quality parent breeding hens species from America. Its annual production of hatching eggs reaches 20 million. By adopting the domestic advanced raising devices and techniques, the company ensures the quality of its breeding broilers.
Hens breeding farm
With 80 sets of fully automatic hatching devices, the company can have automatic and assembly line production with its annual hatching number of the broiler chicks reaching 18 million, succeeding in providing various breeding farmers with quality hens.
Feeding factory
Currently, the feeding factory can turn out 50,000 tons of feeds annually, which ensures to meet the breeding famers’ demands of feeds. Our feeds production is in strict compliance with relevant national policies by completely eradicating the addition of melamine and all hormones. Our scientific formula and focus on the nutrition of feeds have contributed to the natural growth of breeding broilers. The annual fully automatic production planning of 220,000 tons of feeds has been finished, which is expected to be put into production in July 2014. While reducing the cost, the fully automatic computer-controlled production line can also make feeds production more precise, and guarantee more feeds for breeding broilers.
Slaughtering factory
  At the beginning of 2013, the reconstruction and extension project of the slaughtering factory with an investment of 150 million yuan was fully finished. The newly-changed automatic devices and the newly-established sewage treatment factory and refrigerator of thousands of tons greatly improve the slaughtering capability from 20,000 per day to 80,000 per day.